About Me


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The short of it: My roots are in journalism and writing, which I’ve applied to a range of roles in the publishing and higher education industries. I now work on a marketing team in a corporate setting, still working with words while exploring a whole new field.

In all my roles, communication and writing have been key. I also love project management and event planning.


I did my master’s at Penn, where I studied communications and urban studies.
Master of Liberal Arts (MLA), Concentration: Communications, Certificate: Urban Studies (2018)

I did my undergrad at the University of Pittsburgh, where I double-majored in journalism and Spanish.
Bachelor of Arts, English Writing  (Track: Journalism), Spanish (2009)

The Rest

I love to learn and write about Philadelphia.

I also love: city strolls, public transit, trains, maps, public spaces, cold brew, coffee mugs, greeting cards, a really great pen, Seinfeld references, diners, sitting on stoops, petting dogs, and making lists.

With my pup, Dublin. She enjoys peanut butter and head pats.